Sechan Birth. Sechan Electronics, 'the small company with 150 years experience', is founded by Richard (Dick) Holmberg. Dick decided the company name should be ‘Sechan’ as a play on letters from his 'second chance'. The company’s first location was 1901 Olde Homestead Lane in Lancaster.

Feb, 1985

First Contract. The company’s first contract was awarded by U. S. Army Missile Command for printed wiring assembles. Contract value was $2,624.

May, 1985

RASP. The Range Airframe Separation Programmer (RASP) was first major contract awarded to Sechan by the U. S. Navy. This product was successfully qualified and produced for several years.

Oct, 1985

Sechan moved to 660 Furnace Hills Pike, Lititz into a leased 15,000 sq. ft. building
(23 employees).

Dec, 1985

Sechan purchased a 90,000 sq. ft. building at 525 Furnace Hills Pike and, after renovation, moved company operations to this new location
(91 employees).

Dec, 1987

Sechan President Dick Holmberg's death at age 63. George Kervin succeeds Dick as company President.

Jul, 1988

ESOP. An Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) is initiated as a mechanism to provide employee ownership in the company. The Sechan ESOP includes an annual all eligible employee dinner to discuss business achievements and award stock certificates.

Dec 1988

401K. 401K, an IRS approved plan to invest a pre-tax portion of an employee’s earned income, was started. IRS rules allow the company to match a portion of that employee investment resulting in an exceptional employee benefit. The Sechan 401K program is intended as an employee retirement benefit.

Dec 1989

Wood Anniversary. A company anniversary (5th) celebration and open house was held at 525 Furnace Hills Pike to celebrate with friends and family.


Tin Anniversary. A company anniversary celebration (10th) picnic was held at Long’s Park in Lancaster.
(123 employees)

Jun, 1995

ISO 9000. Sechan achieves ISO 9000 certification. This is a company commitment to future operations. ISO registration requires submission to semi-annual third party audits of business practices and improvement.

Dec, 1996

SBA Excellence Award. Sechan was nominated and achieved the Small Business Administration’s Award for Excellence in our region.

Jun, 1999

Boeing Small Business Supplier Of The Year. This award was a significant accomplishment with a good long-time Sechan customer.


President George Kervin retires after 12 years as President and is succeeded by Dave Williams.

Apr, 2000

Crystal Anniversary. A company anniversary (15th) celebration, open house and picnic were held at Lititz Springs Park.

Oct, 2000

China Anniversary. A company anniversary (20th) celebration, open house, picnic and games were held at Lititz Springs Park.
(185 employees)

Jun, 2005

AS9100 Certification. Achieving AS9100 certification was a huge team effort and a key business objective for Sechan. This business standard for the Aerospace and Defense industry is more detailed and rigorous. Achieving certification would differentiate Sechan from competitors.

Jan, 2008

CMMI Maturity Level 3 Rating. Sechan Engineering successfully completed the rigorous third party detailed evaluation of company design practices and was awarded CMMI Maturity Level 3 for Systems, Hardware and Software Engineering. Achieving this milestone is exceptional for a company Sechan's size.

Dec, 2008

Sechan becomes 100% employee owned. Sale of the outstanding 60% of Sechan ownership to the ESOP. Being 100% employee owned is a long-term benefit for present and future company employees.

Dec, 2008

Silver Anniversary. A Company Anniversary (25th) open house, picnic and games is held at Lititz Springs Park.

Jun, 2010

525 Furnace Hills Pike. The company expanded the facility at 525 Furnace Hills Pike adding a new two story office and engineering space as well as renovation of original building office and cafeteria space. The company facility now occupies 115,000 sq. ft.

Jun, 2012

Northrop Grumman Supplier of the Year. Northrop Grumman awards Sechan the 2013 Small Business Supplier of the Year for sustained on-time delivery and product quality.

Jun, 2014

President Dave Williams retires after 14 years as President and is succeeded by Jeff Tennis.

Dec, 2014

Pearl Anniversary. A company anniversary (30th) picnic and games is held at Lititz Springs Park.
(240 employees)

Jun, 2015

Raytheon 5-Star Supplier Award. Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems awards Sechan the coveted 5-Star Supplier Award for outstanding performance and product quality. This is a very significant accomplishment with a long time customer.

Oct, 2015