Military Electronics Manufacturing

In order to provide flexible, low risk manufacturing solutions Sechan maintains core manufacturing competency in the areas of wire harness fabrication, electronic circuit card assembly, electronic equipment, and system integration. Stringent environmental and ESD controls are maintained throughout the manufacturing facility in accordance with ANSI/ESD S20.20 and MIL-STD-1686. All activity is performed by an experienced workforce certified to exacting J-STD-001, IPC-A-610, and WHMA/IPC-A-620, Class 3 requirements. Work is planned and controlled using extensive software systems like the AEGIS MES and Synchrono Adaptive Manufacturing platforms. A diverse compliment of manufacturing equipment is in place to promote reliable, repeatable processing including:

  1. Three (3) surface mount technology automated processing lines.
  2. Automated through hole component insertion equipment.
  3. Automated Optical and X-Ray (AOI and AXI) inspection equipment.
  4. Wire preparation and marking equipment.
  5. CIRRIS in-process wire test equipment.



Sechan maintains a modern, flexible manufacturing facility to support a wide range of subsystem types. Assembly operations are performed on items varying greatly in size and complexity. The largest items assembled would include shipboard missile launch canisters and vehicle-mounted shelter systems. All assembly areas are climate-controlled, well lit, and specifically tailored to product type.

Process control, continuous improvement, and working on the right components at the right time are focus elements of the manufacturing staff. Sechan's online work instruction software package provides comprehensive instructional media and real-time change control to support electronic contract manufacturing services. Shop floor scheduling, work prioritization, and progress status is provided by an adaptive manufacturing software system.

Circuit Cards

Sechan has extensive experience in electronics contract manufacturing with the ability to produce complex, high reliability circuit card assemblies. We provide full range processing capability including final item encapsulation and conformal coating. A wide range of surface mount, through-hole, and mixed technology applications move throughout the facility.

  • RF, digital (high speed), and analog applications.
  • High density, multi-layered design, challenging thermal management, and precise component bonding.

All circuit card assembly operations are performed by our experienced staff of IPC-A-610/ANSI J-STD-001 certified personnel. Our process engineering staff has an average tenure in excess of ten years who ensure that all products are in strict compliance with IPC-A-610, class 3 requirements.

Our extensive complement of equipment can handle a wide range of process demands and is rigorously maintained and calibrated.

Circuit Board
Circuit Board
Circuit Board
Circuit Board
Wiring Cables

Sechan's substantial knowledge of military electronics and wire harness fabrication means we are highly competent in the production of designs ranging from simple ribbon cables and single wire constructions to complex, multi-branch harnesses comprised of more than 3,000 conductors.

Typical applications for these items include:

  • Military electronics.
  • Missile and shipboard missile launch control systems.
  • Sub-surface ship applications.
  • Military Aircraft.
  • Ground-based military fighting vehicles.
  • Chassis and box build integration.


BAMS – Designed, qualified, manufacture and test power management systems.

Military aircraft in flight